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ACTIDIANE Study Offers Research Protocol to People with Type 2 Diabetes and Rapid Decline in Renal Function

Do I have type 2 diabetes ?

No doubt YES, because type 2 diabetes is the most common.
Type 2 diabetes usually appears after the age of 40, does not require insulin treatment for several years (if you are treated with tablets, your diabetes is definitely type 2 diabetes). Your doctor can confirm the type of diabetes you have.

Do I have a rapid decline in renal function?

Of 100 people with type 2 diabetes, 15 to 20 have a rapid decline in renal function. To measure the decline in renal function, you need to collect your blood test results of the last 2 years. Please check blood creatinine (also known as plasma creatinine). Urine tests (urinary creatinine) are not to be considered.

Calculate your decline in kidney function. Here

How to participate ?

If you have the willingness to participate in this research, please contact one of the ACTIDIANE centers (near the place where you live). Contact details are recalled. Here

The ACTIDIANE center will propose to meet you to explain the key points of the study and organize your selection visit.

In case of difficulty, you can contact our coordinator, Mrs. Carole MERCERON. Here